Great team achieves things together, and in 180° Design, we value the contribution of each team members and achieve milestones together.

"A Team Together is A Group of People
Who Trust Each Other"

-Kent Goh, Director of 180º Design-

KENT GOH – Founder/Creative Director

As the founder and creative director of 180° Design, he is the guiding light of the team who always passionate to discover the new relationship between furniture and users, especially how the new furniture that could ease our life and enhance our living style.

He often generates creative ideas to the team and motivates the team to manifest their dreams. Not forgetting to mention his great insight in business that able to find the gap to be filled in the industry and bring new opportunity to the company.

Mr David Ooi – Creative Designer

As our Creative Designer, he is constantly seeking innovative design ideas to be implemented in furniture design. He loves taking up challenge and find new ways to solve them. Needless to say, with such passionate and positive attitudes he is very motivating in the team.

Ms. SY Tan –Creative Designer

She is part of our Creative Designer team who consistently aware at the customers demand and innovate our products to satisfy consumers’ needs. She always surprises us with the innovative furniture designs that present excellent functionality and practicality.