What do you think could be the future of home furniture? Should it continue to be boring, static, and require a great hassle to assemble?

"Revolution, The Fun &
Versatile Furniture."

180° Design believes that the revolution of furniture is coming, where the furniture of tomorrow should be FUN, CREATIVE and possess a great FUNCTIONALITY.

What do you have in mind when you are looking for furniture? Are you looking for things that complete your house to a HOME?

We are constantly looking for the resolution to produce a better furniture line, which is versatile in terms of FUNCTIONALITY, having the sense of FUN even by just owning it, and most importantly, the CREATIVITY in it that gives a hunch of freshness in the ordinary life. All of these traits are the basis of 180° Design.

This is our essential belief in setting up 180° Design. We innovate on the daily necessity furniture that we couldn’t leave without to make our life better.

It all started with the idea of 180° Rack that allows plenty customization according to our clients’ preference. Gradually we developed our business and formed 180° Design which, specialize in designing furniture masterpieces that are extraordinary and emphasize at the users’ experience.

NOW, we are ready to serve you in this furniture industry that gives you a perfect user experience to set up your home.



When even sky has a limit, our 180° Design has none. Our furniture design allows a great space of modification and customization. Let’s look at our core product, 180° rack. Pieces of steel rack can be mixed and matched with different materials for example glasses and woods to perform another features. Users have no boundaries to create the rack that fits exactly their needs and break out the dull life with the creative designing.


Most of the consumer doesn't seem to obtain quality and affordability aligned at the same product; we are here to make the revolution. Through innovative ideas, relentless research & development, as well as various business practices, we stay cost competitive without sacrificing product integrity. We are not compromising any of the quality and affordability in line with our customer oriented business.


We understand the hassle to install your furniture from scratch. Thus, we make our furniture installation extra easy. There are less than 10 steps to set up one piece of furniture. Sometimes it will be less than 3 steps to install it. With this, you now can promptly assembly furniture by yourself without much hesitation.


Every piece of our products is designed to be flexible and extendable while maintaining seamless connectivity of the end products to offer optimum aesthetic values. This power features extends the capability of 180° rack to cater various applications, purposes and areas of usage. Most importantly, the feature helps saving space by stacking up racks to increase the space availability. Land is scarce, and 180° Rack provides the best solution for your storage capacity at the lowest possible land cost.